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Privacy Statement


Protection of an individual’s privacy is a fundamental right. In order to provide you with our services as a customer, we necessarily need to have some personal data. ADB-ASSIST is committed to processing personal data in a legal, fair and transparent manner. This privacy statement is intended to provide you with an understanding of how ADB-ASSIST processes personal data.

What data are we talking about?

  • data are handed over to ADB-ASSIST by clients themselves,
  • ADB-ASSIST assigns data to customers for the use of ADB-ASSIST services,
  • ADB-ASSIST collects data from customers through the use of ADB-ASSIST services,
  • ADB-ASSIST receives data from clients through third parties, provided that these third parties have acquired and processed the relevant data in a proper manner in accordance with European and Belgian regulations.
The data collected can be combined with each other.

What categories of personal data do we process?

  • Name, first name, gender, ta(a)l(s), position;
  • Address, phone (landline and/or mobile), e-mail;
  • Professionals: company details (address, phone (landline and/or mobile), email), VAT number and company number;
  • Make and model of vehicles;
  • In case of execution of repair: chassis number, license plate, mileage, nature of repair/repair;
  • Date of data recording and source.

Processing personal data

ADB-ASSIST means processing: collecting, recording, organizing, storing, updating, modifying, retrieving, consulting, using, distributing, making available, assembling, combining, archiving, erasing and destroying personal data. ADB-ASSIST only processes personal data on the basis of:
  • A contractual agreement, or,
  • After permission from the person concerned, or,
  • A legitimate interest, or,
  • a legal obligation.
ADB- ASSIST may decide to process data within its own organization, or delegate all or part of the processing to an external organization. In this case, personal data will be transferred under the responsibility of ADBASSIST to these parties for processing. The transfer is made only for the same processing purposes as at ADB-ASSIST itself. ADB-ASSIST ensures that these parties manage and process the data confidentially and securely in the same manner as ADB-ASSIST. ADB-ASSIST enforces this contractually, can monitor this, and can audit these parties or have them audited.

Purpose of such processing

ADB-ASSIST processes personal data for certain purposes. ADB- ASSIST processes only the data required to achieve these processing purposes. ADB- ASSIST does not process data that does not contribute to a predetermined purpose. The only exception concerns legal obligations. Listed below are processing activities that take place under the responsibility of ADB-ASSIST:
  • A description of the processing purposes and their legal basis,
  • A description of the categories of personal data, data subjects and recipients,
  • If possible, the intended time period within which the different categories of data will be deleted, and,
  • if possible, a general description of the technical and organizational security measures.

Transmission of personal data

A data recipient is a third party to which ADB-ASSIST provides data without a delegation for further processing. Third parties are natural or legal persons, public authorities, a service or another body, which are not involved in the processing of the data in question. ADB-ASSIST does not sell or disclose personal information to third parties unless the individual consents. ADB-ASSIST only transfers personal data without the consent of the data subject if legislation requires ADB-ASSIST to do so.

Retention period of personal data

ADB-ASSIST does not retain personal data longer than is strictly necessary for the purpose. Some records must be kept for a period of time imposed by law (e.g., accounting records).


Customer rights

Each person whose data ADB-ASSIST processes (this is the data subject) has several rights under the law:
  • Right to information: ADB-ASSIST must provide information to the data subject in full transparency about how and what personal data ADB-ASSIST processes.
  • Right of access: The data subject has the right to know whether his/her personal data are processed or not; ADB-ASSIST must provide a copy of the personal data processed free of charge upon request. Similarly, for ADB-ASSIST’s third-party data, the necessary thing to do is to provide this data to the data subject through ADB-ASSIST.
  • Right to correct: ADB-ASSIST must correct personal data if it is inaccurate or incomplete and must inform any third parties if ADB-ASSIST has provided them with corrected data. ADB-ASSIST must also inform the data subject to which third parties the corrected data were provided and verify if the correction was made.
  • Right to erasure of data: The data subject may ask ADB-ASSIST to be forgotten and deleted from ADB-ASSIST’s files (including files of third parties if they process data for ADB-ASSIST), taking into account legal or contractual exceptions.
  • Right to restriction of processing: When the data subject requests an objection, right to erasure or correction, the right to restriction may also be requested.
  • Right to data portability: The data subject has the right to have the personal data he/she has provided transferred to another processor.
  • Right to object: The data subject may object to direct marketing, processing based on legitimate grounds, and, processing for scientific or historical research. All data subjects have the right not to be subjected to fully automated decision-making (e.g., profiling).
These rights can be exercised:
  • by written request to the attention of ADB-ASSIST, Risk Management – Data Protection, Lieverstedestraat 28; 8020 Oostkamp.


To exercise one or more rights in writing or via e-mail, and to prevent any unauthorized disclosure of personal data, the applicant must provide proof of identity. Preferably, this is the front of the identity card. ADB-ASSIST responds to the request within a maximum of 7 days, after receipt of the written request or e-mail. The regulations for privacy protection are found in the General Data Protection Regulation. This legislation defines ADB-ASSIST’s duties for processing personal data. More information on these regulations can be obtained from the Data Protection Authority website. Customers who are displeased that ADB-ASSIST is not meeting their privacy expectations always have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority by emailing contact@apd-gba.be.


ADB-ASSIST sometimes refers to third parties (websites, social media, event organizers, etc.) whose terms are not within the scope of this privacy statement. In this case, the customer must take the initiative to inquire with these third parties about their data protection policies.