Urgent assistance needed?
Urgent assistance needed?

Electric Vehicle Safety Assist

What is Electric Vehicle Safety Assist?

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly accessible for everyone, but they do carry additional risks in the event of an accident or breakdown. Specialized and certified electric vehicle assistance is therefore crucial. Fortunately, ADB Assist has the expertise and resources to help you move forward safely and efficiently.

Electric Vehicle Assistance


All kinds of vehicles today can be powered by a lithium-ion battery pack: cars, light trucks, busses, scooters, bicycles, scooters, … Thanks to ADB Electric Vehicle Safety Assist, you can count on our experienced and certified specialists in the event of an accident involving an electric or alternative propulsion vehicle. We’ll give you advice and send a technician with the right skillset and training to help you move forward safely.


Lithium-ion batteries can ignite because of several reasons: the supply of external heat, a powerful shock or accident with activation of the airbag(s), an overload of the battery, … Moreover, in a battery pack with multiple lithium-ion batteries, a chain reaction can occur, with one damaged battery igniting the others. This can cause a powerful fire, releasing toxic gases.

Looking for a partner for electric vehicle assistance?

Looking for an experienced electric vehicle assistance partner? We are happy to offer you a customized solution!

Immersion container

A battery fire accident? With our immersion container, we can cool and discharge the battery pack for long periods of time in a safe manner. Because the contaminated firewater is collected, there is no environmental contamination.

ADB Electric Vehicle Safety Assist continues to monitor the process and provides storage and possible disposal of the battery pack and contaminated fire water to a recycling facility.

Salvage container

Is the battery pack damaged or unstable but not involved in a fire? Then we use our salvage container to safely monitor and transport the vehicle. It is equipped with an aerosol extinguishing system as well as a sprinkler extinguishing system, an explosion hatch and heat and gas detection. An additional advantage is its discreet nature: the charge is not visible from the outside.

The Salvage Container is designed to safely monitor and transport damaged electric vehicles and prevent collateral damage. Its hydraulically extendable salvage floor with sliding winch allows even damaged vehicles to be easily salvaged.

Fire blanket

tested to +1300 degrees Celcius

Brings EV fires under control quickly
Used PREVENTLY on an electric vehicle involved in an accident to protect the environment in case a fire should break out and the battery goes into thermal runaway.
Used as a BLUS COVER: if the battery ignites, the flames and heat remain under the cover, so the battery can burn down in a controlled manner. It thus minimises damage to the surrounding area (other vehicles and/or infrastructure)

An accident involving an electric or hybrid vehicle carries a lot of additional risks. Fortunately, ADB Assist employs experts with the necessary certifications who will safely handle your vehicle with appropriate equipment.


HEV2 approved employee

Our EV Safety Assist experts are HEV2 certified. Very important because only technicians with this certificate are allowed to work on damaged electric vehicles. These include setting up a safety zone and de-energizing the vehicle, then safely hoisting it. Is the vehicle badly damaged? Then additional protective equipment is used and the vehicle is hoisted with a salvage or submersible container.

HEV3 approved employee

Does a vehicle have a visibly damaged battery pack? Then an HEV3-trained employee will arrive on site. He or she hoists the vehicle with a salvage or submersible container to a safe place at the ADB Assist site, where it remains quarantined for several days (unless the battery is disassembled by our HEV3).

ADB Electric Vehicle Safety Assist in a nutshell