Urgent assistance needed?
Urgent assistance needed?


ADB Assist has more than 20 years of experience in dispatching. So you can count on us 24/7 for assistance, advice, repair, towing, repatriation, … We always ensure professional handling when towing truck combinations after a breakdown, accident or repatriation from abroad.

More than 20 years of experience

You will be helped by our own technicians or strictly selected and reliable partners. Meanwhile, our multilingual technical emergency center takes care of all communication with you and with other 3th parties such as the insurance company, tire center, repair service, experts, … even sales.

For businesses, governments and individuals

As an independent dispatch and roadside assistance specialist, ADB Assist works with insurance companies, workshops, bodyshops, transportation companies, heavy equipment construction firms, F.A.S.T. highway intervention, police ,fire & militairy departments. Do you need assistance as an individual and you do not have Roadside Assistance? No worries, we are happy to help you!

Cars, trucks, machinery and electric vehicles

At ADB Assist, we are specialized in any type of Roadside Assistance Discover now our services for cars, trucks, buses and machinery, and electric vehicles.

Looking for a partner in roadside assistance?

Looking for an experienced partner with multilingual technical dispatchers for 24/7 roadside assistance? We are happy to offer you a customized solution!

How do we proceed?

Dispatching is customized, but most interventions follow these steps:

1. First contact

Breakdown or accident? Call, WhatsApp or email us. As soon as your call comes in, we get to work. Did we not have direct contact with the person on the ground? If so, we will contact him or her directly for additional information.

2. Help is on the way

Once we know exactly where to go and what is going on, we will send our nearest technician or certified partner to you with the right towing vehicule and equipment. Once he or she has confirmed the assignment, you will receive a link with the expected arrival time and safety tips on your phone.

3. Breakdown assistance

Once on site, our technician first performs a diagnosis. Based on this, the correct steps are followed to repair or tow the vehicle to the agreed upon repair service or depot of the customer.

4. Replacement vehicle

Can’t your vehicle be repaired? ADB Assist has its own fleet of replacement vehicles and also partners with Europcar, RentRunner, Rentacar and Trans Mobility Solutions. You don’t need a replacement vehicule? Then we will provide a cab or take you to your home address. For trucks, we can also provide a replacement truck, tractor or trailer.

5. Follow-up

Even after the breakdown, we continue to monitor everything. We automatically sent an overview with the necessary information about the intervention (times, addresses, diagnostics, etc.) and we take care of the necessary contacts with the insurance company or the expertise agency (up to the possible sale and/or recycling of the vehicle).

ADB Assist solves logistics and transportation problems. And we are very good at that: over 80% of our jobs are solved on the spot.