Urgent assistance needed?
Urgent assistance needed?

ADB Assist: Carefree and reliable customized roadside assistance

Who are we?

Never just say “tow” to ADB Assist’s specialized roadside assistance. With our years of experience and professional equipment, we help numerous professional and private customers every day. Moreover, we have the right certifications to provide appropriate assistance in any breakdown situation.

About us

ADB Assist helps numerous businesses, governments and individuals every day. We do this based on our years of experience, technical personnel and specialized equipment. Our employees have the right skills and certifications to give you the right assistance in any breakdown situation.

As one of the Belgian market leaders in roadside assistance, we specialize in towing and transporting cars, motorcycles, trucks and coaches. Our technical dispatch centre is the hart of this firm. Anything that is or has been on wheels we will take, up to 140 tons! We work for just about every insurance company, help police clear roads and transport thousand of vehicles across Europe every year.

Breakdown, cargo loss or accident? Car, truck, bus or machine? ADB Assist uses literally tons of experience and technical equipment day in and day out to help you quickly and efficiently. Because your carefree mobility is our mission!

The team

Managing Director
Pieter Vanlersberghe
Managing Director
Jean-Marc Dumon
Operations Manager
Thomas Hollowfoot
Head Dispatcher
Yves Lemaitre
Commercial Manager
Bob D'hondt


From that first redeeming “hello” to solving your problem, our experienced dispatchers Thomas, Yves, François, Bob and Tibo are responsible for ADB Assist’s first-line advice. They are your point of contact, give tips, follow up and bring peace of mind.


Our technicians have not only the right education, but more importantly the right skills and experience to provide you with the best possible solution.


ADB Assist provides roadside assistance to customers all over Europe. To do that well and quickly, we can count on an extensive network of reliable partners. Our (inter)national partners provide rapid intervention, we follow up, monitor and evaluate, and provide peace of mind for the driver as well as the manager.